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Why Photography? + A little about me

It’s a cliché to say it, but I do love photography…

My love for photography  started at a very young age while looking at my dad’s album pictures and photo slides; increased when I was 12 years old and received, as Birthday present, my first camera:  A Vivitar 110EF Pocket. Six years later,  I acquired my first SLR: a Canon F-1, while in College, where I learned about photography as a fine art plus film developing.

Photography became something more than just a simple hobby. Long summer hours of hard work were necessary  to get a Canon AE-1 Program which in 1995  got “upgraded” to the “new technology” of the revolutionary EF lens mount  found in the  Elan II and the EOS-1 (cameras I still use for especial projects). Wasn’t until  2007 when I made the switch from film to digital.

Since I was so used to photography on a 35mm format plus having couple of “L’ series lens; it was just matter of logic for me to purchase the full frame Canon 5D. Since Wedding photography can be demanding on the gear and no moment can be spared, I had to get two of those.

Why don’t I start from the beginning as to not seem like I rambling on?

I was born in Bogota, Colombia. My parents divorced when I was very young (about 3 years old), soon after my father gain full custody, decided to  accept a job offer which required relocating completely  to Cagua, a growing but semi-isolated  small town in Aragua,  Venezuela. My mother, for her part, moved with some relatives and banished in New York’s “concrete jungle”

If you situate yourself roughly 40+ years ago…in a time without personal computers, internet, cell phones, nor even land line at home. There was not direct communication between my parents neither with relatives. I never went back to Colombia and soon adopted the Venezuelan nationality. For more than a decade, my father kept scarce communication with his family.

As you can see now, for many years, all I had was photos, photo slides and photo albums that linked me to a group of people that, to me, were strangers despite the fact they all were my family. I clearly remember my father laughing or with tears in his eyes, when looking at those old photographs, and the new ones that occasionally arrived along in the “snail mail” with the letters. Somehow he was able to feel the emotion recorded on each image.

Each photo had a story behind it! Those photographs leaded to conversations about my family and relatives who I never met.  Eventually, these photos were the key to reunite me with my mother, with whom I haven’t spoke or seen in near 27 years and migrating here to California.

I don’t meant to make this story the base for an Oprah show, to write best seller or to make you feel pity, on the contrary, just want you to see the real value of a photograph and why photography  means so much  to me!. I totally understand the significance of it, the meaning behind every image.

Every time we stop to take picture, we are recording a moment filled with emotions that, in the future, will serve a greater purpose: to ourselves, for which we’ll remember, furthermore, to pass it on to those whom, for one reason or another, couldn’t be present at the time it was taken.

As a matter of fact, with today’s technology, cell phone’s cameras, pocket cameras and so forth, we stop to take a picture of that we consider important in any given moment in our lives: A moment with a friend or family member, a strange or interesting object it caught or eyes, etc., and those photos are what today have help us to reunite with long lost friends, classmates, family and, in many cases, even to solve mysteries.

I always wanted to be part of those events, to capture those special moments.

Finally! After countless sleepless hours and long days of planning VOX Photography has been born! This is my dream! In it, there are no barriers, no distance, no race, difference of sex, age, color of skin or difference of beliefs. All I see is moments, brief periods of time that must be recorded for prosperity; so it can be remembered, celebrated, loved and pass it on generation after generation.

  • Hua - VOX Photography – I salute you!
    It’s a great bio; great philosophy…. Good luck on your new venture!

    May God give you a wisdom and good vision to capture all the beauty of life!

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